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COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Testing

Please note: Due to TGA restrictions, we are unable to supply these products direct to consumers.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Australia's COVID-19 response has relied on polymerase chain reaction testing (PCR tests) these are highly sensitive, but are expensive, and rely on transporting samples to a professional laboratory for analysis. As the Delta Variant began taking hold in 2021, we have seen more intrest in Rapid antigen testing, a solution that is faster, lower-cost, and can be provided at the point of care.

The value of rapid testing is that they can detect an active infection before symptoms become apparent, especially when used regularly as part of a testing regime, while the patient is shedding high levels of the virus and therefore has a high risk of transmitting it to others. However, it is critically important that those who do return a positive result from rapid antigen testing are immediately referred for PCR testing, as rapid antigen testing is more likely to provide false positives (and false negatives.)

Rapid antigen testing has been used extensively in other parts of the world such as the US and UK to complement PCR testing, and results are avaliable in as little as 15 minutes. Rapid antigen tests do not require complicated diagnostic equipment, making them perfect for use onsite at high-risk environments, or in regional and remote areas where a patient may need to travel some distance to reach a testing centre.


Can I purchase the test?

The tests can be supplied for use by specified health practitioners at the point of care to the following:

  1. Registered Medical Practitioners or Paramedics, or an organisation, business or institution that employs or engages a registered Medical Practitioner or Paramedic to perform or oversee performance of the test. The tests can only to be used to test employees or contractors of the organisation, business or institution, or a patient under the direct care of the Medical Practitioner or the Paramedic.
  2. Residential care (disability and rehabilitation facilities) and aged care facilities that employ or engage Health Practitioners (as defined by the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989) to conduct or perform the test. If the residential care or aged care facilities provide care in the home this condition would also allow for performance of the test to be conducted by a Health Practitioner or Paramedic. The tests can only be used to test residents, staff of, or visitors to, the residential care or aged care facility, or clients and staff of the home care service provider.
  3. Organisations, businesses, or institutions that employ or engage health practitioners or paramedics to conduct or oversee performance of the tests. For example, rapid antigen tests are being used in the mining sector consistent with these conditions. The tests can only be used to test staff or students of the organisation, business or institution, or a person who is a patient of a registered Dental Practitioner who requires an emergency dental procedure.

The tests can also be supplied to accredited laboratories and to Commonwealth, state or territory government departments, in cooperation with their relevant health departments.

Panbio Testing Procedure


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What do I need to do to purchase the rapid antigen tests?


Which products are available?

If you are after 1,000 or more tests please give us a call on 1300 556 917

Product Code Product Description Test Type UoM Brand
225139 COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test Panbio 25s Nasopharyngeal Box/25 Abbott
225167 COVID-19 Rapid Antigent Test OnSite 20s Nasopharyngeal Box/20 OnSite


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